Nifty Future 26th September 2017


AS it was expected NF Started Falling From 21st September 2017.

all supports Are broken in just 3 Trading Days.  9864 was half point of this Quarter

Strong Suppport @ 9789.

Above 9841 NF will bounce upto 9940-9988.

Close Below 9789 then Minor support will be Previous low 9710.1

Back to Back Close Below 9789 will Taken NF Nonstop 9397.


Low made Till 6th October will Be crucial .  From high 18th Sept2017 22days will end on 9th October 2017 nifty aq



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Nifty Future 22nd September 2017


Today After making high 1074.5 NF went lower upto 10072.65 Close @ 10138.85

Hurdle @ 10174.

Below 10134 Watch slide upto 10038-9988.

If Crosses 10174 then Rally upto 10242-10373 


From low 27th October 2008 ( 2228) 9 year Cycle will end on 19th October 2017.

* The ninth year  is the strongest of all bull years for bull markets. The final bull campaign culminates in this year after an extreme advance, and the prices start to decline. The bear market usually starts in September to November.
* Year ten is a bear year. A rally often runs until March or April, then a severe decline takes place until November or December, when a new cycle begins and another rally starts.

sell2 sell2

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Nifty Future 19th September 2017


Hope every one enjoyed bull . As it was written NF From low 9710.1 Will move Towards 10242-10374  Today made all time high @ 10188.8 close @ 10175.3

Support @ 10134.

Above 10173 NF will Move  Towards 10242-10374.

Strong Hurdle @ 10242-10374.


21st- 25th  September 2017.


25th September 2017 will be 45 days From low 9710.1 made on 11th August 2017

20th September 2017 NewMoon

 24th September 2017 Mars opposite Neptune

21st September 2017 Cardinal point .


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Nifty Future 13th September 2017


AS it was written From low 9710.10 NF will touch 10108 Just see what happen . Today NF made high @ 10114.35 Close @ 10107.9.

magic 1

Power of Knowledge

Support @ 9969

Above 10108 NF will Hit Nonstop 10243-10373.


No Problem for Bull Till 21st- 25th  September 2017.


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Nifty Future 11th September 2017


NF Last Close @ 9950

IF Trade above Last close then NF will move towards 10108.

Support @ 9841.



Pay only after you Earn

For Detail Contact :9377604633;  Whatsapp: 9377604633


Dear Trader, operating in stock and Commodities is a Business or a profession, the same as Engineering or the Medical profession……. So The Man who guesses and Gamble on hope is sure to lose while the man who follows science makes profit…

Don,t wast  your time and money By Trading your self

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Nifty Future 5th September 2017


Today NF open @ 10009 and went lower upto 9887 & close @ 9927.65

Support @ 9841

If Trade above Today close then NF will move towards 9987-10040


Just Watch Low made till 6th September 2017.

IF not break low made till 6th sept2017 then NF will Touch 10108-10242-10373


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Nifty Future 4th September 2017


AS it was expected NF moved upward direction Made high @ 10017.85 Close @ 10007.3

Support @ 9841.

Intraday-support @ 9918-9884

If Trade above 10008 NF will Touch 10108


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